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Market By-Laws

The following by-laws govern the Barrow County Farmers Market. All adjustments are voted upon by vendors and our board during our annual Market Association meeting.

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1. Barrow County Farmers Market


The Articles and Bylaws attached describe the governance of the Barrow County

Farmers Market (or Market). Separate from these Articles and Bylaws are Rules

of Operation, which define the management of the market.


2. Mission


  • The purpose of the Barrow County Farmers Market is to create a vibrant community event that:

  • Enhances economic opportunities for local farmers and artisans

  • Provides access to fresh local food

  • Fosters a sense of community

  • Cultivates educational opportunities related to food and agriculture


3. Board of Directors


General Powers and Duties:


The affairs of the market shall be managed by the Members of the Board of

Directors (or Board). All Board Members shall work to foster, through their

management, a Market that is aligned with the market’;s Mission, Bylaws, and

current Rules and Regulations.

The duties of the Board of Directors shall be: to establish the policies, rules and

regulations pertaining to programs and activities at the Market; to review and

provide input on the business of the Market; to review and provide input on the

authorization of contracts for services and supplies; to review and provide input

on a budget for each operating period including all various vendor fees per

market space. Each year in January, the Board of Directors shall review all

Applications to Vend, and make decisions for approval or non-approval of

applications for the market each season.

A Board member or Board members may be removed by a majority vote of two-

thirds of the Board and members with voting rights at any regular meeting or

special meeting called by the Chairman for that purpose. The Board member[s]

shall have the right to hear reason[s] for removal and to appeal at the next

meeting, which shall occur within thirty days.


Board Structure:


The Board shall be composed of nine (9) members. The Board of Directors shall

have the following composition:


Ex-Officio Members

■ representative from UGA Extension-Barrow County


■ representative from Wimberly’s Roots

■ representative from Barrow County government

■ representative from Barrow County Farm Bureau


Elected Members

■ three active farmer members

■ one active non-farmer vendor

■ one non-vendor representing the community’s interests and providing

skills and experiences relevant to the direction and operation of the



Board Member Election and Term Restrictions:


Ex-officio board members are not subject to term limits given the nature of their

position; however, the following rules apply to the remaining board members.

Elected board members will serve for two years, with staggered terms, and no

board member shall serve more than 3 consecutive terms. After a period of 2

years, a term-limited Board Member may become eligible for reelection to the

Board. The Secretary will send out a call for nominations two months prior to the

Barrow County Farmers Market Association annual meeting which will be held

during the 1st week in February. Only active Association Members are eligible for

nomination to farmer vendor and non-farmer vendor board positions. Elections

will be held at the annual meeting at which a quorum (simple majority) of active

board members are present. Whenever a vacancy occurs in the Board of Directors,

other than from the expiration of a term of office, the remaining Directors may select

a replacement to serve the rest of the vacated member’s term.


Board Officers and Duties:


The Board shall have the following Officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman,and 


The Chairman will facilitate meetings as described in Article 6. The Chairman will

also appoint committees composed of representatives from the Board, Market

Association membership, and the community to assist the Board in promoting the

interests of the Market.

The Vice-Chairman will work with the Treasurer and the Market Manager to

oversee the market’s business operations. The Vice-Chairman will also facilitate

monthly Board meetings in the Chairman's absence.

The Treasurer will give the Board monthly budget updates, approve purchases

and invoices, and work with the Market Manager to oversee the market’s budget

and finances.


Market Manager:


The market manager will be hired by and serve under the direction of the board.

The board will create a job description, which will be reviewed annually. The job

description document will outline the responsibilities, duties, salary, work hours,

and job requirements.


Market Association:


The Barrow County Farmers Market Association is the vendor organization that

is responsible for electing board members and voting on changes made to the

bylaws. The market association includes full-time vendors and associate vendors

that have paid a $30.00 membership fee. The association will meet annually to

conduct business as described in the section below. The association may also

meet for social and educational gatherings throughout the year.




Two types of meetings may be called: Board meetings, and Association meetings. Any

vendor shall have the right to attend a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

Any association member can attend the annual market association meeting.

○ Board of Directors Meetings

Regular monthly meetings of the Board shall occur during the 2nd Wednesday of

the month. The Chairman may reschedule a monthly Board meeting if a simple

majority of Board Members cannot attend. The Chairman shall set Board meeting

agenda for monthly and special Board meetings. The board can vote to call open

and closed session of any board meeting. Special meetings of the Board and

Association Members may be held at the discretion of the Chairman.

The Market Manager shall attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity to

provide updates relative to the Market and its operations to the Board. vendors

shall have the right to make presentations of up to five (5) minutes explaining any

grievance or suggestion relative to matters before the Board or relevant to the

operation of the market after submitting a notice to the chairman five days prior to

a scheduled meeting.


Barrow County Farmers Market Association Meetings:


An Annual Market Association meeting will be held during the 1st week in

February. The Annual Market Association meeting will serve to elect new Board

Members and Officers, review and discuss the performance of the past market

year, vote on any amendments to By-laws and/or Rules and Regulations, and

discuss plans for the upcoming market season. This meeting will be presided

over by the current Chairman of the Board who will appoint an election

committee to count votes and announce results.

Additionally, a special Market Association meeting may be convened by a

quorum of the board if the need arises. All Market Association Members shall

have the right to vote during Market Association meetings on any motion put forth

and in order.


 Voting and Amending Procedures:


A simple majority is required for the passage of all votes at association meetings.

For Board meetings where any voting will take place, a simple majority of the

Board must be present. When only a simple majority of the Board is present and

a vote is called, a unanimous vote is required for passage.

For amendments to both the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations, proposed

changes must be submitted to the Board 60 days prior to the annual Association

Meeting for approval. Approved amendments are then submitted to all Market

Association members 30 days prior to the annual Market Association meeting for

comment and review.


Monetary Policies:


  • The vice-chairman of the board, treasurer, market manager, and an ex-officio board member will be listed on bank accounts.

  • Any checks over the amount of $250.00 requires two signatures.

  • A market debit can be used for any approved purchases.

  • Approved purchases can be reimbursed with supporting documentation.

  • Revenues shall be used to pay payroll, operating, capital, advertising and other

  • necessary expenditures.

  • The market will maintain liability and fraud insurance for the board as well the market.


Market Rules and Regulations


2024 Board Members and Officers:

Ben McDaniel

John Huff

Lydia Huff

Ashley Lowery

Amelia Finch

Chris Pharr

Vacanct - Awaiting Nomination Acceptance

Vacanct - Awaiting Nomination Acceptance




○ The purpose of the Barrow County Farmers Market is to create a vibrant

community event that:

● Enhances economic opportunities for local farmers and artisans

● Provides access to fresh local food

● Fosters a sense of community

● Cultivates educational opportunities related to food and agriculture


Product and Producer Eligibility and Requirements:


A. The Barrow County Farmers Market

B. Product and producer eligibility


1. Geographic origin – Growers within a 50-mile radius from Barrow County are

encouraged to apply to this market. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of

the market board.


2. Product types


All products must be of good quality and produced by the vendor for categories 1-3 below. For all other vendor categories, preference will be given to vendors who utilize locally sourced goods. The market manager will enforce quality standards and has full authority in this regard. Documentation of appropriate licenses will be required. If you are unsure what documentation is required, please check with the Georgia Department of Agriculture or Barrow County

Environmental Health. Vendors will be selected based on the target market mix. Target mix is 50% fresh produce, 25% meat, dairy, eggs, and value-added products, 25% prepared foods, arts and crafts, fresh flowers and potted plants

1. Raw agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, honey, etc.)

2. Meat, eggs, or dairy products

3. Fresh flowers or potted plants

4. Value-added products made from local agriculture products

5. Prepared foods

6. Arts and crafts (local, high-quality, involve agriculture products)

3. Market Operations




The Barrow County Farmers Market will be held in the parking lot directly behind the

Barrow County Historic Courthouse. The address is 18 Porter St, Winder, GA 30680.




Our 2024 Market Season will run April 6th through November 16th from 8:30am - 12:00pm.


Vendor Expectations:


Vendors will have access to setup beginning at 7AM. Vendor setup must be completed

and vehicles clear of pedestrian space no later than 8:40AM. Spaces will be reserved

for vendor parking during the market hours.

Vendor booths must be broken down with stall locations cleaned and vacated by 2PM.

Vendors are responsible for ensuring their stall locations are clear of debris. All trash and 

containers being discarded, must be taken from the market at the end of the day and

NOT placed in the public trash containers on site. Vendor stalls left without being

cleaned will be issued a warning after the first offense. A $10 fee will be assessed for

each additional infraction.

● Market manager will assign spaces; effort will be made to assign a regular space.

● Vendors must let market manager know 24 hours before the market if they will

not be attending.

● If for any reason the market must be closed unexpectedly, vendors will be

notified 24 hours in advance. Market will not close because of rain.

● Vendors may not pack up early.

● Booths may not be subleased.

● Vendors are expected to bring their own tents, all tents must have appropriate

weights at all four corners.

● All vendors should have visible signage with item name and price.

● Farm/business name and location must be visible.

● Any certifications and required licenses must be visible or available on site. As a

reminder, items cannot be labeled “organic” unless they have USDA Organic


● Samples may be provided but not sold, and must be given out in accordance to

Health Department guidelines.

● Any scales used must be certified.

● All booths should be clean, tidy, and presented in an attractive manner.

● Pricing should be set by individual vendors, but home-gardeners, non-profits, and

other vendors should price items in consideration of other vendors. Any

grievances should be directed to the market manager.

Booth spaces are 10x10 - general rules no smoking - indemnity clause and form?


Vendor Fees:


Application fee: $28.00 due with yearly market application

Full Membership Fee: $350, access to every available market

Associate Membership Fee: $25.00,


Non-profit Vendors:


Two non-profit/government vendors are allowed to present educational and promotional

material at each market event. Non-profit vendors must fill out application with preferred

dates. Non-profit vendors may not fundraise unless they have filled out a vendor form

and paid vendor fees, but are not required to pay an application fee.


Market Prohibitions:


The following are not allowed at the market under any circumstances:

  • Wholesale or resale vendors. This includes baked goods, produce, and all craft materials.

  • Profane materials such as crafts, signage, or music.

  • The distribution of political flyers, handouts, or other election related materials. This does not include city/county infographics that are meant to inform residents of changes being made to services offered to residents. 

  • Drugs or alcoholic beverages on the premises.

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